Zabbix training

Falco Networks is organising on regular base Zabbix trainings in The Netherlands, on different locations and of course also in-company training (note: in-company is always custom build and after consulting Falco Networks)

Included with the trainings:

  • Lunch
  • Coffee/tea
  • Exam

If the (official Zabbix) exam is passed, Zabbix will provide a certificate.

We offer the following trainings:

Zabbix Specialist course

This 3 day training covers the basics of Zabbix and most of the subjects that are used when working with Zabbix on a daily base

Course program:

Day 1

  • History of Zabbix
  • Zabbix architecture and functionality
  • Server, web interface and agent installation
  • Initial Zabbix configuration
  • Zabbix definitions
  • Zabbix  interface overview
  • Data collection - hosts, Zabbix agent checks
  • Data visualization - simple graphs, overview
  • Problem detection - triggers, dependencies
  • Q/A session

Day 2

  • Advanced problem detection - detecting anomalies, smart problem conditions, elimination of flapping
  • Configuration management with templates
  • Agent-less monitoring
  • Data collection - aggregated and calculated checks, SNMP and log file monitoring
  • Inventory auto-collection
  • Data visualization - custom graphs, network maps, screens and slide shows
  • Events
  • Notifications and escalations - media types, actions, operations, use of macros
  • Using remote commands
  • Maintenance periods
  • Zabbix Administration - working time, housekeeper, authentication, front-end scripts
  • Managing permissions - users and user groups, audit
  • Q/A

Dag 3

  • Automatic discovery - network discovery, active Zabbix agent auto-registration
  • Low level discovery overview
  • Web monitoring
  • Command line utilities: Zabbix_get, Zabbix_sender
  • Extending Zabbix - Server and Agent extentions
  • Business level monitoring - IT Services, SLA, reports
  • XML Import/Export
  • Proxy overview
  • Backup procedures
  • Maintenance and operations - DB sizing, upgrades, best practices
  • Development and release policy
  • Certification (Exam)
  • Q/A

This training is subject to amount of registrations, and might be rescheduled

Zabbix Professional course

This 2 day training is a next level training after the Specialist training, and covers the more advanced topics.

Note: In order to be able to do the Professional exam, you need to have the Certified Specialist certificate

Course program:

Day 1

  • Advanced data collection - Java monitoring, database monitoring, SSH/telnet checks
  • Monitoring of VMWare 
  • User macros functionality
  • Low level discovery - discovery of host items, Windows services, SNMP and SQL discovery, and writing your own LLD rules
  • Distributed monitoring - Proxies(Active/Passive)
  • Advanced topics - zabbix server processes, front-end customization
  • Q/A session

Day 2

  • Encryption in Zabbix
  • Advanced trigger function - trend prediction and forecasts
  • Zabbix API - functionality
  • Scaling and tuning - What if you are building a really large instance?
  • Problems, challenges and solutions - integration with 3rd party systems
  • High availability and redundancy
  • Certification (Exam)
  • Q/A session

This training is subject to amount of registrations, and might be rescheduled


  • Zabbix Specialist course €1650,00 + VAT(21%)
  • Zabbix Professional course €1450,00 + VAT(21%)


Upcoming trainings:

  • Training sessions are available on a regular basis. Contact us for an updated overview of the next trainings sessions.

Or send an email to: training [at]


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